Errata corrige of the Book

Modeling the Internet and the Web

Probabilistic Methods and Algorithms

Pierre Baldi, Paolo Frasconi, Padhraic Smyth

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Page 53. The line before Equation 3.1 should read

p small, the number of nodes with k neighbors has a Poisson distribution with mean

Page 61. The second to last line before subsection 3.2.2 should read

Page 64. Equation 3.7 should read

Page 84. There is a typo in the rhs of Eq. 4.1. The equation should read

Also, the sign of the rhs of Eq. 4.4 is wrong. It should read


Page 85. Corrected version of Figure 4.3

Page 86. The F-beta measure presented in Chapter 4 was first intoduced in Jardine, N. and van Rijsbergen, C.J., 'The use of hierarchic clustering in information retrieval', Information Storage and Retrieval, 7, 217-240 (1971). This reference is missing in the book.

Page 90. Table 4.1, center: entry on row "Linux" and column d1 should be 0, not 1.

Page 106. Equation 4.46 should read

and Equation 4.47 should read

Page 128. Bottom of the page, item (1): should be

Page 130. The second line after Eq. 5.4 should read

and Eq. (5.5) should read

Page 135. Matrix M in Eq. 5.15 should be transposed. The correct equation is

Page 137. PageRank algorithm, line 9: the RHS should read

Page 139. Eq. 5.19 should read

Page 161. The 4th line before Eq. 6.12 should read

and Eq. (6.12) should read

Page 238. The second line after Equation A.2 should read

Page 242. Top: left (right) singular values should read left (right) singular vectors